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3 from an episode on right now, too good to pass up

(this may not be exactly right, but here goes)

Peter: Just give him a little more time!

Scout Master: Fine. You've got three days to earn a badge.

Peter: Three days!? Why, that's tomorrow! We gotta hurry!


(Peter really really has to use the bathroom, while he's driving. He passes sings.)

"Dump: next exit"

Peter: Nnnng...

"Wide Load"

Peter: Uuuungg...

"Furniture Store. All stools must go."

Peter: Oooooohhh...

"I <3 my shih tzu"

Peter: eeeeeehhhgg...

"Bob's House of Feces"

Peter: Oh come on, that one's not even real!


Meg: So I finally get my driver's liscenes, and you lose our car to a casino. How ironic!

Peter: Now don't say that, Meg. Your mother is not an i-ron.
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