The Token Black Rocker (diekugelkonig) wrote in quote_familyguy,
The Token Black Rocker

Why you duckin me man!?!

Alright so I honestly forgot all about my lj and I haven't been on here in quite sometime now but I've been browsin around a bit and I now recall why I used to love this community so much. There have been months of great episodes since I've last spoken to you all so I'm just gonna make a list of some random quotes that stick out in my head at the moment. I'm more than likely going to remember more later on so I'll be sure to update...

Stewie: Mmmm...this is some good OJ. *breaks the glass in Brian's eyes*
Stewie: Why you duckin me man? *shoots him in the knee cap*

And the part when Steven Hawkings and his wife are having make up sex! HOLY CRAP that was amazing!

Adam West: Why thank you tinkle faerie.

I love the part when they're stranded on the island and the cruise boat passes by and they translate what the guy said in Spanish..."Fanny bandits."

Peter: I bought these gifts for you they're up in my bum!
Look at the bells look at the bells! Holy crap here comes Jesus and he doesn't look to happy!

Yah I'm gonna have way more later on once I've woken up a bit more.
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